Course Notices

23 June 2022

2BBB Championships | A message from the Club Captain

Dear Members,

Due to the postponement of the 2BBB Champs in June due to the weather, we have now re-scheduled with the 1st round to be held on 9th July 2022 and the following round 16th July 2022.

Unfortunately, we are running behind with our 2022 Championships, as well as trying to complete two unfinished Champs for 2021.

In the coming month we have quite a number of District Events, including the Regional Championships, Pennants, Country Champs and various Order of Merit events. These will impact on our representative players who also wish to play our Club Champs.

I apologise to our members who may be inconvenienced by these changes. Please be assured that I am trying to get up to date with all events asap - Unfortunately the weather hasn’t helped.


Stan Blackhall | Club Captain



From Aaron Cachia CSTM | Course Superintendent 

29 March 2022

Hi Members,

The course has had another 25mm of rain over the weekend. The decision has been made to postpone the greens coring until next week, Monday 4 April, due to the poor weather forecast for this week.

As the greens didn’t get a core last spring, this coring will need to be bigger to set the greens up for the winter ahead. This will aid in surface water movement, removal of accumulated algae and eventual firming of surfaces. Nutrition analysis highlighted some deficiencies to remedy which is best done in this process.

Another unfortunate setback due to poor weather is the 19th hole. This is now 5 weeks behind where I had planned due to the rain over late Feb/March. Focus is on completing the Tee complex asap and then on to the area just over the bridge. The tee is at the stage where sub-base has been shaped and packed, irrigation partly installed (to the new system spec) and drain lines cut. Once drains are cleaned out and filled, it will be a relatively quick process to get the soil in and turf established.

The 7th hole is as all know, very wet. Unfortunately the new tee complex cannot handle the rain. The water sits on the surface leaving it inaccessible to our tee mowers. The only mower we can use on it at the moment is a rotary push mower. Far from ideal for a golf tee. The tees have been seeded with a Rye blend as the kikuyu will not stand to the lack of sunlight and poor drainage, as can already be seen.

On a positive note, you will see work has commenced on the new maintenance/cart storage facility, some new staff and new machinery out on course. This is a very exciting time for us on course with more to come.

I want to thank you all for the care shown to the course this past weekend and over this entire wet period. There have been a lot of very wet areas not suitable for carts which have been well avoided and minimal damage done to the course in general.

Kind Regards
Aaron Cachia
Course Superintendent


9th March 2022


Dear Members

Over the last 18 months the course has undergone material changes that has impacted its course rating, playing significantly easier. An example being the 10th hole which has gone from 385 metres (index 5) to 285 meters (same index).

To this extent many members would have seen their handicaps reduced, some considerably. A further consideration is when members travel to other clubs and when visiting members come to ours.

The Match committee have consulted with Golf NSW on this matters with the following recommendations from Golf NSW being endorsed by the committee.



  • Decrease the Scratch rating by 2, from 74 to 72.
  • Decrease the Slope rating by 2, from 135 to 133.

The immediate impact will be reducing handicaps by 2 (average).


  • No change to scratch rating.
  • Decrease Slope rating by 4, from 131 to 127.


  • Decrease the scratch rating by 1, from 75 to 74
  • No change to Slope rating.

The immediate impact will be reducing handicaps by 1 (average).


These changes will have effect from Saturday 12th March 2022.

Members, in considering these changes the Match committee acknowledge whilst your handicaps have been reduced, importantly these reductions have been applied fairly across all members.

Please feel free to discuss these changes with myself, any of the Match committee or the club Professional, Darren Green.

Kind Regards

Stan Blackhall | Club Captain



Message from the TGC Club Captain

Dear Members

In order to help our green staff maintain our fairways, it has been decided that I request all members to carry a bucket with them as they play their round.

Also, I request that each player empties his or her “BUCKET PER HOLE“ by filling holes and divets. By doing this we are keeping our fairways healthy and help maintaining the growth.

I would like all members to commence this procedure from Wednesday 2nd March 2022 .

As you may be all aware, we are commencing major works with our new Greens Staff Shed, irrigation, and updating of course greens & tees.

Whilst our Volunteers do a great job each Wednesday helping our Greens Staff, ”YOU” our members, will play a role in assisting by doing the “BUCKET PER HOLE “.

Kind Regards

Stan Blackhall | Club Captain

There will be a detour to the 11th Tee on Monday 17th January 2022. 10th Tee will be out of play for the day. Please follow the route in yellow on the map below.

Message from the TGC Club Captain

Dear Members

Unfortunately due to another year of disruptions due to COVID, we have had to re-organise our 2021 Calendar, particularly our Club Champs and District Events.

The Match Committee and myself held another meeting to discuss this situation, and it has been decided to run with the Club Champs over 3 rounds, (which is the norm) on the following dates;

- 1st Round 8th January 2022
- 2nd Round 15th January 2022
- 3rd Round 22nd January 2022

By doing this as quickly as possible, we do not run into other District Order Of Merit Events and start of the A Grade Pennants.

We also have to re-fit the 2021 Men’s Foursomes and Mixed Foursomes Championships.

Men’s Foursomes have now been re-scheduled for Sunday 27th March 2022

Mixed is still to be determined

After this we are back on track for the 2022 Championship events.

Once again I thank all of our Members for the patience and understanding.

Have a Safe and Merry Christmas to all.

Kind Regards

Stan Blackhall | Club Captain

19th (spare) Hole

Members as previously advised, construction of the 19th hole which is located at the 11th hole was imminent. The project has been brought forward by a few weeks and will now commence next week (19th July) and ready for play by late November.

What this means
- Both Men’s and Women’s 11th tees will be relocated to the practice tee area.
- Additional 11th tee boxes will be constructed as part of the project.
- To preserve the tee, practicing from this area is strictly prohibited.
- Members, please be aware of the surrounds as with all construction zones and be attentive to directional & alert signage.

The 19th hole will be in play for the majority of the next 3-4 years to enable the timely replacement of greens (2 per year starting with 11th & 12th) and minimising temporary greens during construction.

At the conclusion of the replacement program, the 19th hole will become the 3rd nursery along with others between the 2nd and 4th fairways.

Board of Directors (Steering Committee) | 14 July 2021

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