Get into Golf with Toronto Country Club

What is the Age Limit that applies? This new Introductory Golf Membership category is open to 25 years to 30 years of age.

Do I need a Golf Link Number? This new Introductory Golf Membership category is only open to any person in the age group above who has never held a golf link number. Therefore, you may have had a few social games with mate, or still only learning, but don't hold a handicap or ever participated in a tournament or competition.

How much is the Introductory Membership? Introductory Golf Membership is $200 for the financial year. This means the membership runs from 1 July 2017 and will expire 30 June 2018. Prorata will not apply. 

I meet the above criteria, How do I apply? Feel free to contact our Golf Club Manager, Peter Hansen, to discuss your options for joining the world of golf. Pete can guide you through the membership process, introduce you to our Golf Professional, Darren Green and explain the world of golf to you. 

Phone Pete on: (02) 4959 1584 or Complete the Form Below

Join before 30 July 2017 to receive Free Golf Lesson

If you're eligible to join as an Introductory Golf Member and you do so before 30 July 2017, you will receive a Professional Golf Lesson as part of your package to kick start your professional golfing journey. Learn the tricks of the trade, how to improve, and how to play in different tournaments, competitions and specialised events. 

This promotion will only be available until 30 July 2017. Grab it while it adds bonus value to your already discounted membership. Full terms and conditions apply. 

Further Enquiries? Contact the Golf Manager, Peter Hansen on the form below. 

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