Toronto Golf Club Local Rules

1. Plugged ball through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty.

2. A ball coming to rest on stones may be lifted, stones brushed away and ball replaced. If embedded stones remain, then relief may be taken to the nearest point.

3. Bare patches on fairways are treats as G.U.R.

4. All roads and paths are to be treated as G.U.R excluding buggy tracks. 

5. Flags remain in hole.

6. Immovable obstructions: all stakes excluding out of bounds stakes.

7. Any ball resting within two club lengths of sprinkler head, that is within one club length from the putting surface, and on intended line of play, may be lifted and dropped to nearest point no nearer the hole.

8. Out of Bounds: White stakes with Black Tops. Water Hazard: Yellow stakes. Lateral Hazard: Red stakes. G.U.R: White stakes.  

All other changes to the 2019 Rules of Golf can be viewed here