Storm & Lightning Guidelines

Course Closure and Player Responsibility during adverse weather conditions

The below information is a set of guidelines as set by Toronto District Workers Club and Toronto Golf Club outlining the players responsibility during adverse and extreme weather, storm and lightning conditions. Decisions to close the course or prevent play will be at the discretion of the Golf Professional and Club Management.

Golf Player’s Responsibility
All players need to be consciously aware of the dangers of adverse and extreme weather, storm and lightning conditions while on the golf course. It is the players responsibility to make a conscious decision during these conditions to stop play, come off the course or seek sake shelter if caught in these weather conditions. It is then the players responsibility to advise the Pro-Shop and Golf Professionals of their suspension of end of play based on the decision.
Golf NSW advises the responsibility of players to make sage decisions during potentially dangerous weather conditions by checking weather apps and or the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) site.

The Club’s Responsibility
As a guideline, we recommend all players do the following in the interest of their own safety:
• Put down your umbrella;
• Place your clubs back in your bag or cart, avoid holding or touching them;
• Keep clear of any tree lines;
• Remove yourself from the open course by returning to the club house or seeking safe shelter nearby;
• Vacate golf carts, these will not protect you from lightning or dangerous weather;
• Shelter: remember, open structures are not considered safe; an enclosed building is the safest option;
• If taking shelter in a building structure or vehicle, please ensure doors and windows are closed and avoid touching anything that may conduct electricity;
• Stay away from plumbing, electrical wiring and any metal object that may conduct electricity this includes using your phone;
• 30/30 Rule: by the time the flash-to-bang count is 30 second, you should be in a safe location and you shouldn't resume any activity until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.

Storm Disclosure Statement

Toronto District Workers Club and Toronto Golf Club, advises it is the golfing players responsibility to seek shelter by suspending or ending their game in all adverse weather conditions (Rule 5.7 The Rules of Golf). The Club asks golfing players to use weather apps on smart phones or devices or the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) site to monitor adverse weather conditions that will assist in making conscious decisions about their own safety for the duration on play while on course.